Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid Newsletter

The Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid Newsletter is a monthly publication that focuses on the provision of refugee legal aid. It is aimed primarily to be a resource for legal aid providers in the Global South where law journals and other resources are hard to access. It complements the information portal
The newsletter follows recent developments in the interpretation of refugee law; case law precedents from different constituencies; reports and helpful resources for refugee legal aid providers; and stories of struggle and success in refugee legal aid work.

Country of Origin and Legal News


ANGOLA: COI - Angolan government cracks down on resistance demonstrations; ICJ condemns the abduction of war veterans in Angola

COTE D’IVOIRE: Liberian refugees’ future uncertain

THE GAMBIA: Immigration warns foreigners to regularise status or risk deportation

NAMIBIA: Rights group states government is detaining and deporting people from refugee camp

SENEGAL: Round-up of illegal immigrants in big operation

SOUTH AFRICA: Court orders Cape Town to process asylum applications

TANZANIA: What does it mean to be told to go ‘back home’ when you don’t have a home to go to?

UGANDA: Ugandans both proud and brave in country’s first gay pride parade

ZIMBABWE: Undermined by new UKBA operational guidance note


CANADA: Government announces preparation of ‘safe country list’ that qualifies countries where one-in-four

applicants or less succeed in being granted asylum as ‘safe’ for accelerated procedures

MEXICO: 76 year old woman seeks asylum in the US citing failing security in Mexico

USA: A Lifeline for DREAMers; New Chicago Ordinance on Immigration Inspired by African Woman; New American Bar Association Video Helps Immigrant Detainees Understand Their Rights; US rules that asylum seekers who have assisted terrorist organizations – even on the threat of death – may not be granted refugee status


PAKISTAN: Pakistan announces it will strip Afghans of refugee status, putting the world’s largest concentration of refugees at risk of refoulement

RUSSIA: Opposition activists seek asylum abroad


AUSTRALIA: Gillard Backs Experts’ Asylum Seeker Report; Australia: ‘Pacific Solution’ Redux; UNHCR tells Govt it won’t be involved in Pacific Solution Mark 2; 100 asylum-seeker refugees on hunger strike in Australia

INDONESIA: Asylum seekers in Indonesia: why do they get on boats?

MYANMAR: Abuses against Rohingya erode human rights progress


ANALYSIS: Increasing concern over detention of migrants in Europe; Can would-be immigrants to Europe get almost anywhere for a price?; Campaign under way to increase refugee resettlement places in Europe

GERMANY: Constitutional court rules that State assistance to refugees is insufficient

GREECE: As Greece rounds up migrants, official says ‘invasion’ imperils national security; Greece must halt the sweep-operation ‘Xenios Zeus’ and ensure that the right to asylum is guaranteed for persons seeking international protection

HUNGARY: Court annuls Afghan’s Dublin II return to Hungary

ITALY: 54 migrants died of thirst in refugee boat from Tripoli; German court blocks the return of a Palestinian family to Italy citing ‘significant evidence exists that Italy is not meeting its obligations in accordance with European and international law’.; Syrian refugees land on Italian shores

MALTA: Migrant detention violates rights

NETHERLANDS: Dutch government clarifies its position on granting asylum to Egyptian Copts; Dutch Council of State rules that failed asylum-seekers from Somalia cannot be returned; Netherlands announces policy for granting gay Iraqi asylum seekers refugee status

SLOVENIA: Strasbourg Court Grand Chamber corrects chamber approach to discrimination

SWITZERLAND: Take in refugees from Malta under the Eurema Initiative

UK: Government urged to end migrants’ indefinite detention; ‘Hundreds’ of miscarriage of justice claims over legal advice failings; Another shambles as G4S is entrusted with running asylum seeker housing; Refugee action helps to reverse UKBA policy on asylum support; UKBA facing high court over attempt to worsen mental health of Iraqi refugee to encourage ‘voluntary’ return; Asylum seekers should not have to feign political beliefs, court rules


EGYPT: Egypt authorities arrest 68 ‘migrants’ in Sinai; Court orders deportation of 107 Eritreans caught in Sinai

IRAQ: Palestinian refugees under attack

ISRAEL: Israel aiding Syrian refugees on Turkish, Jordan borders; Israeli soldiers preemptively arrest African migrants in Egyptian territory; A scorching desert jail for asylum seekers, with no way out; Eilat parents: we don’t want Sudanese in our schools

JORDAN: Syrian expats try and get visas for their refugee relatives in Jordan; Palestinians face bias at the border

LEBANON: Sudanese refugees and asylum seekers on hunger strike in Beirut; Lebanon’s forgotten refugees

PALESTINE: Rule prevents stateless Palestinians filing lawsuits

SYRIA: Syrian refugees top 200,000 as exodus grows

TURKEY: Turkey wants U.N. to house refugees inside Syria


EU watchdog launches probe into borders agency;

Stateless Rohingya continue to suffer lack of protection in Burma, international community refuses to raise concerns, fearing an ‘obstacle to democratization’;

There’s no evidence that asylum seeker deterrence policy works

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